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Mar 5, 2009

Libya calls for referendum in W. Sahara

[picture: muammar al-qadhafi, exiting the mos eisley cantina]
The Libyan General Popular Congress is the closest thing that country has to a parliament. It has just held its session, and out of the steaming heaps of praise for the Brother Leader, one can extract the following:

- "The GPC hopes that reason, logic, geographical unity and historical ties will prevail between the brothers in Algeria and Morocco. It calls for the return of normal brotherly relations between the two brotherly countries and to the consolidation of ties of fraternity which bond their people through the opening of borders to facilitate the movement of people and the flow of goods and services."

- "The GPC maintains that a referendum for the population of the Western Sahara is the only practical solution for this crisis which had a negative effect on the efforts of the region's countries to realize a broader integration."

Libya was one of POLISARIO's strongest backers until 1984, when it joined in a short-lived union with Morocco designed partially to extract itself from the whole Western Sahara affair. Since then, it has ambiguously wavered to and fro, and tailored its Sahara-related messages to the audience, but when now calling for a referendum -- as opposed to some vague exhortation of self-determination -- that effectively aligns the country with POLISARIO's and Algeria's position on how the process must work. On the other hand, the GPC also calls for open borders between Algeria and Morocco, which Algeria is presently refusing.

Of course, Libyan policy is always subject to the whims of Qadhafi, so this need not be taken as a firm and final decision in either direction.


Laroussi said...

The referendum story was interesting. Maybe the King of Kings will raise the issue again in the African Union.

Anonymous said...

yes mate king of kings jah rasta mummar al-qadhafi is disaster.
as for the african union , well it exist just in the website same as the polisario.


Anonymous said...

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van Kaas said...

Good to see those Libyan statements for they sound very sound to me.
I don't see a contradiction in calling for a referendum on one hand and for the opening of the borders between Algeria and Morocco at the other. But I do think the statement is a bit weak because it does not simply demands the breaking down of all walls between brotherly nations.